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Pulseberry Health Consulting is an international company offering services in quality, food safety, environmental, occupational health & safety, management systems consultancy and training.

We bring a unique perspective to Health Consulting and training services by combining extensive, practical hands-on experience, with a clear understanding of the business imperatives that are crucial to your success. We provide these services across all market sectors eg. to growers, processors/manufacturers, hoteliers, food service operators, retailers, distributors, importers and exporters.

We specialize in customized consultation, training and auditing  services for companies implementing food quality management systems that adhere to international standards such as ISO. We provide trusted technical and management services to national and international companies, in all industry sectors where quality, food safety, environment and health and safety are a critical factor.

The solutions and related professional services we offer are specifically designed to help you and your organisation manage the above, focus on risk and demonstrate compliance on demand to help you achieve and maintain excellence through continuous improvement.

Whether we like it or not, regardless of industry sector, Non-Compliance is on the increase. Organisations now face challenges from multiple sources such as Quality, Environment, IT, Health & Safety, Food Safety and Traceability not to mention their Regulatory and Corporate Governance commitments. It can be an expensive and confusing area with multiple standards to adhere to and the duplication of effort often undertaken to meet the various standards and regulations.

We tailor make the specific requirements and needs of each project. We understand that every company and every situation is unique. So we work closely with our clients to carefully define their needs, identify the best solutions, and add to internal resources and capabilities.

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